My story with Time Line Therapy™

I am a very private person.

I usually do not talk about my experiences, the main reason being that I don’t want to evoke any hopes or provoke comparisons.

Every one is different and unique. Our experiences cannot be compared with anyone else’s.

Here I share my story of getting involved with Time Line Therapy™ because in my opinion this approach is valuable and worth to share.

At that time I already knew a lot about goal setting, goal projecting and I was trained in NLP.

I also knew about time line – the storage of “time experience” in human nervous system. I had done some work on my time line.

I wanted to expand my knowledge; I found a book about Time Line Therapy™ and then a seminar.

On my first Time Line Therapy™ course when the trainer was going through his script, in my head I was commenting something like: bollocks, bollocks.

Then a goal setting exercise came and my critical mind went very sceptical. I didn’t put my heart in the exercise at all.

My goal was: “in 4 months time I am very good at particular aspect of my field of interest”.

What happened next not only surprised me, it exceeded all my expectations!

Without involvement on my part I was flooded by pieces of information about the subject, along with training materials and opportunities to gain experience. For sure, I achieved goal that I put into my future so half-heartedly.

Time Line Therapy™ offers tools for cleaning negative emotions, limiting decisions and beliefs from the past. It gives techniques for creating future that is worth to have. Because I witnessed so many miracles of personal transformations that my clients experienced I am sure you will be benefited as well.