Breakthrough Session

The Breakthrough Session,

is an intensive way of working over a relatively short period of time.

It produces fantastic results of the personal transformation. The Breakthrough Session is composed of several sessions. It may demand that one (or more) of them last even several hours.

  1. In the first stage of the process, we collect relevant information so it becomes clearer how the problem is created and maintained. We may use psychometric tools at this stage to map out relevant information about your belief and values systems connected to the problem.
  2. Based on the gathered information we help you to define an aim and goal for the transformation. We also choose a set of tools and interventions tailored to your needs which are to support your transformation.
  3. The third stage focuses on application. We utilise those tools and interventions to facilitate the transformation.
  4. The fourth phase of the breakthrough session is about supporting you in consolidating all the changes achieved during the previous stages into your daily life. To do that we design a set of tasks which are to support an integration of the changes to your lifestyle.

The Breakthrough Session is a way of transforming us into the best version of ourselves at a given time.

We could think about a problem as something outside of us or we can think that the problem is caused by something within us.

Following the first way of thinking, we have to solve the problem outside. We may be able to manage circumstances and succeed in resolving the situation. However, it is a matter of time before a similar or even the same problem reoccurs. Again and again and again…

When we accept the second idea once we transformed ourselves, the old problems resulting from our previous inability to cope with them, dissolve. In this process, we recognise and transform the prevailing self-limitations so after the Breakthrough we may enjoy satisfaction in chosen areas of life.


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