Anger, Sadness, Fear, Hurt or Guilt? DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH?

Repress it, express it, distract it or run away from it – are they all the options?

I always experienced strong emotions.  Things that other people forget easily I use to remember sometimes for decades.

Very early on I had discovered that so-called bad memories, that keep coming back, are just unresolved emotional stuff. They reappear because there is something unfinished about them.  Alas this knowledge itself does not change much.  As long as we do not have a time machine to go back and put things right or some skilful methods to finish this old stuff off, it will keep coming back.  Of course, we may repress it – but by doing so the negative emotions only become stronger.  If we push it away hard and for long enough, it will eventually come back as illnesses, accidents or in some other unpleasant way.  We could express it, but each time we express a negative emotion, not only may we hurt people around us, we also reinforce a habit of this negativity in our minds.

The older we become the more we collect those unfinished businesses and sooner or later we have to develop some way of dealing with them.  To cope with the emotional luggage some of us start drinking, overeating or buying “emotionally”, taking drugs, smoking or using other destructions. Others live lives in prisons of fear, attempting to avoid everything that can hurt them.

Now, we seem to have yet another epidemic of addiction – smartphones and everything that they provide.  What happened to us that, as if zombies we are glued to those small shiny screens forgetting about everything and everyone around us?

If there was no other solution, maybe we should continue the repressing, expressing, hiding or being addicted to distractors.

A couple of years ago after a long time of searching and trying many things I discovered Time Line Therapy™.  It is a relatively simple set of techniques.  It works efficiently and produces lasting results. It can be taught to and used by everyone.  Yes, one has to accept some basic assumptions.  You need to be willing to take responsibility for your life and how you experience it.  You need to be ready to take some actions to create a life you want.  I don’t think it is too big a price for getting rid of a lifetime of negative emotions and negative beliefs, in a matter of hours.  With these techniques you can do that and much more.  I could – so you can too.

Now I teach everything you need to quickly develop coping mechanisms you never dreamed existed, in my two-day seminar called: “Transform your mind – Transform your life”.  You may have doubts. That’s OK.  What possibly could one learn of value within two days?  Shouldn’t it be years?  I don’t know how it was with you, but when I was learning how to drive a car there were a compulsory 20 hours of supervised driving before an exam.  The exam that I passed was just the beginning of a journey that took me to many interesting places, the journey that is still ongoing.  During the seminar, you will have 17 hours of very intense work acquiring skills that can become a beginning of a great journey for you.  This seminar has been taught under many names in many countries for well over a quarter of a century. It has allowed hundreds of thousands of people to successfully transform their lives.  Now with a great joy, I invite you.  This is an opportunity that if you want, will give you fantastic tools to do things you never thought were possible for you.  Tools by themselves cannot do the job. YOU equipped with the right tools can.



This text is Copyrighted. © Tom Jagiello, Mind Transformation Solutions 2016