About Dorota

Dorota RospierskaDorota Rospierska 

MSc in Systemic Family Psychotherapy

The University of Bedfordshire (in KCCF).

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Member of:

The British Psyhological Society LogoPolish Psychologists' Assotiation - logo

 Former Secretary of BSFT UK. 

She also graduated from  Warsaw School of Social Psychology and holds a MSc in Social Clinical Psychology.

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  • EMDR certified Practitioner.
  • AIT  certified Practitioner.
  • Certified Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming,
  • Certified Master practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
  • NVR UK Association accredited NVR Practitioner and NVR Supervisor (trainer level).

She works as a family therapist in the NHS. She offers both traditional and complementary therapeutic approaches in working with clients.

Please also visit https://www.findatherapy.org/account/welcome.asp for additional information.

What do I do best?

I specialize in helping parents and carers who struggle with their children’s challenging behaviours to create successful solutions so families can again feel happy and relaxed together. During the work  with me parents become empowered to deal with any future challenges calmly and confidently.

I do feel strongly about parent-child relationships.

I am committed and passionate about changing the world one family at a time through supporting people in transforming their relationships. It is nothing revolutionary. It is common sense only that this common sense needs to be implemented for it to bear fruit. I am here to energize people to actually do the transformation.