-In emergency-

 If you need an immediate help, right now (you cannot wait, because it is a middle of the night or for whatever other reasons),  check our links, where you will find list of addresses to organisations based in the UK and worldwide, that provide help 24/7. 

There are several things you can do to help yourself.

We would like to recommend to you state control techniques – they will not solve a problem for ever but will aid you by altering your emotional state. Once it is shifted you will be able to think clearer. You might also be able to see things from a different perspective. It may be invaluable at a time of crisis or need. 

The first is a very effective and fast calming down technique. It has been used by psychologists supporting Iraq and Afghanistan military personnel if they needed help, even on the front line


  1. Sit or lie in a comfortable position. Take deep breath in through your nose and breathe it ou through your mouth and begin to notice what you can SEE, HEAR and FEEL
  2. Say to yourself gently:
  3. I can see…” (name any object in your field of vision) for example: “I can see a wall”. Then choose another object e.g. “I can see a picture” and then another e.g. “I can see a lamp”. You pay attention to 3 objects.
  1. Then say to yourself: I can hear…(name any sound you can hear) for example: “I can hear the ticking of the clock”, and repeat for 2 different sounds, for example: “I can hear traffic outside”, “I can hear my breathing”.
  2. Then say to yourself: I can feel…(name any feeling or sensation you experience) for example: “I can feel tension in my shoulders”, and repeat for 2 different sensations, for example:, “I can feel the tongue in my mouth”  “I can feel my hand on my lap”.

Repeat the sequence, this time naming only

  1. 2 things you can SEE, 2 things you can HEAR, 2 things you can FEEL,

(the pictures/sounds/sensations can be the same as last time, or different – it doesn’t matter)

Repeat the sequence, this time naming only

  1. 1 thing you can SEE, 1 thing you can HEAR, 1 thing you can FEEL
  2. Now choose only one thing to SEE or HEAR or FEEL and just for a while focus on that.

The second technique after some practice if a valuable aid in all stressful situations were we need an instant self control such as: exams, interviews, public speaking and alike.

Simple Adrenaline Control Exercise

  1. Stretch and Shake:

Stretch and shake your arms, legs and torso to start to release excess muscle tension and warm up the body.

  1. Posture:

Find a balanced postural position where your body can be relaxed, and yet poised for action. Imagine a string coming from the crown of your head and pulling you upward.

Feel the back of your neck lengthen. Now sit down and scan through your body, noting if each area could relax more, and if it could relax it and release the tension.

  1. Breath:

Have your legs uncrossed and feet flat on the floor. Allow your head, neck and back to be upright but relaxed.

Place your hands just below the bottom of your rib cage so you can notice the movement of the muscles under your hands.

Blow the air out of your lungs on a quiet fff sound, by squeezing the muscles under your hands, feel the contraction. Blow all the air gently out and then allow it back into your lungs by releasing the tension in those muscles.

Focus on this pattern for three deep breaths.

As you do this, become aware of the ground beneath your feet. Consciously feel how the floor/chair is supporting you.

Now, widen your focus so you are listening to all the sounds and silences around you.

Finally, imagine where your solar plexus is, and put your attention there as you imagine a bright shining sun in the centre of your solar plexus, half way between your spine and your front. Imagine it shining brighter and brighter until it lights your whole inside right down to the tip of your toes and up to the top of your head. Imagine it shining brighter and radiating all through you until it starts to seep out of the pores of your skin so that anyone looking at you would see you shining.

Bring your attention back to the room and come back to normal consciousness whilst you continue to shine.

If you are OK and just want to try something on your own, go to our blog section and try this: “How to feed your demons” by Lama Tsultrim Allione This is the technique we highly recommend. We use it ourselves and we share it with our clients as a day to day practice of working with inner problems, so they can deal easily and stay independent. It is easy to use. If you think you need assistance contact us