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Tom Jagiello

Tom Jagiello

  • Certified Trainer of NLP.
  • Licensed Master practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming, (trained by a co-creator of NLP Dr. Richard Bandler)
  • Certified Master practitioner of NLP,
  • Certified Master practitioner of Time Line Therapy™
  • Certified Master practitioner of NLP Coaching
  • Certified Master practitioner of Hypnosis,
  • Certified Practitioner of Brian Mayne’s Goal Mapping Goal Mapping - Logo
  • Practitioner of AIT,
  • with well over 30 years experience in meditation.

I offer complementary therapeutic approaches.


I was born and grew up in Poland during the communistic regime. From the time I was a teenager I knew I would leave the country of my birth and settle somewhere else. And this “somewhere else” was always to be in an English speaking part of the planet.

The only problem was that I lived behind the Iron Curtain which made this idea a dream beyond the realm of possibility.

Then 1989 came and communism collapsed.

In 2004 political situation in Poland (in our opinion) started becoming more and more embarrassing . At the same time the United Kingdom opened its borders and one gentleman from Lincolnshire was recruiting Poles for his company as he was unable to find enough staff locally. The job wasn’t very good or well paid, but was legal and we accepted invitation using this as an opportunity to start a new life.

Since I remember I have been always interested in “mind stuff”, things like hypnosis, parapsychology, meditation etc.

At the age of 17 in Autumn 1981 by the impossible plot of circumstances I started my meditative practice.  In April 1982 during  the Martial Law in Poland I met my first Buddhist Zen Master Sungh Sahn and started formal Buddhist training.

A year latter influenced by Lama Ole Nydahl I began my practice of Tibetan Buddhism in Karma Kagyu tradition of yogis. I founded  the first Tibetan Buddhism  meditation centre in my city and helped establish another one in a neighbouring town. My involvement in running the Buddhist centre for about 15 years gave me an unique opportunity to deliver hundreds of lectures and instructions on meditation, philosophy, and working with mind. During this time also I started practising Tai Chi.


In late ’90s I came across my first NLP book “Solutions” by Leslie Cameron Bandler. Many things described in that book were very familiar to what I was already doing in my life.  The NLP seemed to be a natural choice for me.

After we moved to the United Kingdom my wife’s Polish Master degree in Social Clinical Psychology (awarded by the best at that time Polish University) was recognised in the UK as the Bachelor degree. We faced an important decision: either she was going to do extra study to make her degree recognised in the UK or…

She chose to do 4 years Master Degree training in Family Therapy.

That, of course put my pursuits aside for some time.

When I finally could I went through whole training in NLP.  I started with practitioner training and finished with a trainer certification, adding along the few other qualifications (see above). Within a very short period of time I was able to accumulate hundreds of hours of working with clients to whom I will always be grateful.

With my background in Buddhist practice and philosophy and opened mind to seek for more, NLP/ Time Line Therapy™ and hypnosis are natural expression of who I am. Many years of practising meditation gave me the experience of working with my mind. During the last 35 years I have tested many things. Those experiences are now aiding me in working with clients. My attitude is very simple, let’s find a solution that works for you. Let the intervention take only as much time as it is necessary. Life is precious so let’s use it well.

In my spare time I run, climb and if I manage to find time I sculpt.

Tom Jagiello with Richard Bandler
Tom Jagiello with Richard Bandler
Tom with Brian Mayne
Tom with Brian Mayne


Tom with Kathleen La Vale
Tom with Kathleen La Vale