Here we publish the most frequently asked questions and answers about the seminar: “Transform your mind – Transform your life”

Question: Do I have to talk about my personal stuff during the seminar?

Answer: No, absolutely not.  Although the process takes place within a group, it is completely private. In fact, you will be encourage not to elaborate on things or issues you work on with anyone during those two days.

Q: Is it a kind of therapy?

A: No, it is not. You may think of the content of the seminar in therms of psycho-education or applied psychology rather than therapy. We will share with you some tools and coach you how to use them. Whether you decide to use your new skills or not – is up to you.

Q: Will I be hypnotised?

A: We represent a view that all hypnosis is self hypnosis. We will show you how you can enter a deepen state of relaxation and we will facilitate this proces. However you will decide if you want to follow it. You will have full control over what is happening with you at all times.

Q: Will I be able use these tools at home?

A: Yes, the seminar is design to coach you in using techniques at home by yourself.

Q: What does it mean “personal transformation in a chosen area of your life?”

A: The tools we teach can be used for self help or self development in an area of life which you choose to improve. We use a concept of six areas of life: career, family, relationship, health and fitness, personal development and spirituality.  Sometimes people include other areas important to them.



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