Quick Interventions


  • “The phobia cure” belongs to a category of quick interventions. This is because phobias are highly contextualized, learned behaviours that qualifies to be removed quickly, without taking much of a personal history and explorations. The treatment itself usually does not take much time. It is divided into three parts: firstly you will get some explanations about what phobia is and how it works, then we will lead you through the process that removes phobia, and if possible we will test your success.  Go to the bottom of testimonials for an example of our work with phobia.


  • The another type of quick treatment can be applied in order to change minor, undesired habits or minor compulsions e.g. nail biting, food compulsions etc.


  • The rest of quick interventions should be called “quick fixes” because they may be of a temporary character. We would use them  just to help you cope with an issue for now.  To thoroughly resolve the problem we need to do a full intervention. Here a good example would be: if you find yourself in a bad relationship with an abusive person, and you know you should get over it immediately (for your own safety and/or safety of your family) but cannot stop thinking about that person we can help you to change that very quickly. However if getting into bad relationships is a pattern in your life, then a full intervention would be highly advisable.