If you think that your life must be the way it is – you are wrong!

If you think that your life must be the way it is because of your experiences – you are wrong!

It is true that who we are today is a sum-total of what we have experienced, done, believed and valued (among other factors) up till now.

Those experiences can be seen as a pool of our resources .

If we are decided to learn and grow, it does not matter how many mistakes we have made. We can learn from all occurrences, both “good” and “bad”. What happened – happened, we cannot change it. However, what we do with it is up to us.

We can always find another meaning, and another positive lesson to draw from whatever “happened” to us and transform that experience into wisdom.  I hate giving only a bit of good advice. The Internet is full of it, except that there is usually no “how to do it” part . Here are the both parts – to learn from the past experiences use the Time Line Therapy™. It is an easy to apply tool that I utilise myself. I also teach my clients.

Sometimes we add an extra element to the mix. However basically we draw on the Time Line Therapy™because it is a great tool for the job.


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