How long it takes?

A lot of people ask us how long it takes to achieve change.

It is, of course, impossible to answer that question without knowing details about a client.

What you need to consider is that there are three factors to that kind of work.

  • How much work needs to be done?
  • How much change a person can accept in one go?
  • How much a person is motivated to introduce change in their life.

    photo by Anna Tarazevich pexels
photo by Ann Tarazevich – pexels

Metaphorically speaking, the first point is about how big “a heap of dirt” one have – to work through. The second refers to how big a shovel is. And the third is about how much energy one puts into the work.

So, for example, if a heap is big and we have only a tiny little shovel, but we work fervently, we may achieve a great result in a moderately short period of time.  On the other hand, if we have a relatively small heap and a big shovel and we do not use it, nothing really will be changed.

So, how long will take for you to change depends on at least those three factors.

This is really you who will be changing your life. We will just help you by psycho-educating you, working with you through your traumas, bad memories etc., helping you learn new skills and strategies, developing new ways of seeing things, and shifting your values and beliefs.


photo by Gustavo Borges – pexels