Time Line Therapy™

Time Line

Time Line Therapy™

was created by Dr Tad James in late ’80s. Time Line Therapy™ belongs to the domain of NLP. It is based on an observation that every human being develops in the nervous system, some way of storing the experience of time. This “internal time machine” inside our minds organises memories:

  • temporally – memories of what happened during one’s life (and ideas about what will happen)
  • a-temporally – knowledge and skills
  • creates strings of memories according to their emotional content
  • creates associations

Once we discover our way of storing time – our “time line” and recognise that all our memories are just representations of the past – not “the reality”, we can start using techniques that enable us to transform those memories into wisdom. This unlocks the latent potential in our life experiences allowing us to transform whatever happened into resources that enrich us.

Time Line Therapy™ offers a set of very powerful techniques that are highly effective in:

  1. Letting go of negative emotions like anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt and others, which are attached to memories of the past events.
  2. Neutralising limiting decisions from the past such as: “not being good enough to do something” and alike.
  3. Designing and creating the future the way we want it.

By letting go of negative emotions and limitations we free a lot of energy in our mind, body and nervous system. At the same time, we improve communication and trust between aspects of our mind (conscious and unconscious mind) and create necessary space for new positive experiences to come.

By using the third component of Time Line Therapy™we empower ourselves to reach goals in a much more effective way than ever before.

These three components are easy to learn and use to create a positive, significant and lasting change in one’s life.

Theory and practice of Time Line Therapy™ incorporate many aspects of other successful therapeutic approaches. It organises the way we think about our clients and guides us in structuring our interventions.

Time Line Therapy™ is major component used during a Breakthrough Session.