Time Line Therapy™

Time Line Therapy™

was created by Dr Tad James, an early developer of NLP in the late ’80s.

It is part of the NLP approach that largely focuses on Ericksonian hypnotherapy. 

Many scientists made an observation, that as human beings, we develop in our nervous system some way of coding and storing the experience of time. This “internal time machine” inside our minds

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photo pexels

profoundly influences how we experience our lives, what choices we make, and what actions we take.

During either a course of individual work or a seminar, we help clients to discover their personal timeline. After it is identified, we help people to realise that all memories are just representations of the past – not “the past itself”.

These two factors (discovery of timeline and change in understanding what memories are) open the possibility of using techniques that facilitate the transformation of negative memories into wisdom. That in turn brings a possibility of shifting many life experiences into positive resources.

Although it is impossible to change the past, it is possible to change the way we experience our pasts. By changing that, we can start exploring new ways of living in the now. That, in turn, helps in creating a better, more satisfying and desirable future.

Letting go of negative emotions and limitations frees a lot of energy in the mind, body and nervous system. At the same time, it improves communication and trust between aspects of the mind (conscious and unconscious) and creates the necessary space for new positive experiences to come.

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The three components of Time Line Therapy™ (cleaning negative emotions, letting go of internal limitations and creating the future) are easy to learn and use to create a positive, significant and lasting change in one’s life.

The theoretical foundation of this approach is in line with the latest discoveries in neuroscience. It is based on the observation that to overcome traumas of the past, we need to rewire the nervous system circuits that hold the memories of those events.

The theory and practice of Time Line Therapy™ incorporate many aspects of other successful therapeutic approaches. It organises the way we think about our clients and guides us in structuring our interventions.


Time Line Therapy™ is a major component used during a Breakthrough Session  .