A few words about how it works

How does it work?

Every one of us has in our nervous system a way of coding and storing experience of passing time. This is how we can tell the past from the future.

We do not have dates printed in our memories like camera snapshots have, yet we can tell a temporal difference between certain memories. We call it a personal Time Line. Expressions like: “put it behind you” or “a lot of possibilities lies ahead of us” hint a spacial organisation of time experience.
During individual work or a seminar, we help people to discover this unique for them way of Storing of Time.


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Once you know your “time organisation” you can do many interesting things with it. On an unconscious level, our memories are stored as “strings” connected by emotional themes. We can access such strings and introduce lasting changes very quickly.


First, we need to understand that our difficult memories are nothing else but an unfinished process of learning, next we can locate the first event that still stores a negative emotion and learn from it (there is a very simple method to do that).

This is all we need. By drawing  a new learning/wisdom we can undo the old generalisations that were created based on the emotionally charged event that till now had governed our behaviour and run our emotional state associated with it.
In this manner, we can “empty” a whole string of negative emotion in 10 – 15 minutes. It really takes only this amount of time.

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A lifetime of negative emotions kept in unconsciousness can be positively changed in one afternoon.
A lot of energy previously stored in the old negativity becomes available for us to use, for example, for healing a body or personal development.

Negative beliefs like: “I’m not good enough to do…..” and alike, that block our progress, are worked with, in a similar way.

Relying only on rational thinking, cognitions or psycho-education has proven not to be enough in dealing with emotions and limiting self-beliefs.

This process of learning and gaining wisdom is very liberating. It is as well very easy and safe to do. Once we know the process we can use it on daily basis.

People who apply these methods are definitely in a better shape than they were before knowing that method.

And the most important: it makes us independent.




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