Overvalue and undervalue

From a very practical point of view, if we focus on what is missing, we will end up with a never-ending list of deficits that not only is depressing but as well is useless. Useless because with things we do not have we can do nothing. There are as well more subtle aspects of focusing on what we do not have. One of them is that…

Over and over again

Is here “a nugget of wisdom” buried in the obvious? Why is it that we can cry over the same things for a long time and at least many of us cannot be happy over the past good things over and over again? We may think that we are crazy or ungrateful and we have to change. However, there is a good reason why we act that way. Our unconscious mind has several specific functions or “directives” that govern how we process experiences of our lives. One very important directive is to: “always search for more”. It is hardwired in our biology, and it is what unconsciously we do.