the mind, the unconsciousness and the body

a tunnel

We often forget that we are not only the mind, but we also have the body with its biology, neurobiology, bioelectric, etc.

We also forget that the conscious mind is not the whole mind. A big part of our mind works outside the realm of consciousness.

Neuroscientist David Eagleman has gone so far as to compare the conscious mind to “a stowaway on a great ocean liner claiming the credit of managing an entire ship.”

If we do not understand the biological mechanisms controlling our reactions and do not understand the influence and role of the unconscious mind, we often end up in frustration (and sometimes even guilt) over the alleged lack of control over how we act, react and experience our lives.

The facts are that our consciousness (as long as we live) is in a body that functions in a widely understood environment. The environment is understood both as nature and society – culture. This broadly understood environment provides the stimulation with which, depending on how we cope (with the help of biological, conscious and unconscious mechanisms), we will grow or rotten.

A development system that does not include caring for the mind (conscious and unconscious), body and environment (including healthy interaction with it) will fail to meet the expectations of those who follow this system, leading to inevitable frustration and self-blame for not having the desired results.