Because I am here

A better place

A better place

Deep down in our mind, we hold an identity belief.

It is a kind of conviction about who (we think) we are.

This identification partially is an unconscious process, and some of it we are aware of. This belief has many facets and is built upon many aspects of our life’s experience. In turn, it influences all dimensions of our existence.

Who we think we are, has a direct link to what is important to us – to our values. That, in turn, influences and governs the rest of our beliefs system. After all, we do not believe in things that we regard as not important. At the same time, our values and beliefs put together form our attitudes: our readiness to do things. All of that expresses itself in actions that create our lives.

For example, if deep in our mind, we identify ourselves as “a good person”, we will cultivate values and believes corresponding to that identity belief, that in turn will fuel our ability to act and encourage us to do some things and not to do the others. Finally, how we spent the time of our lives determines the results we achieve.

Similarly, if we identify ourselves as “a bad person”, that will initiate a chain of reaction that that at the end will create not so happy experience of life.

Because our identity is so important, if we change the belief about ourselves it will start influencing all the other aspects of our life.

How can we change that deep belief? Why not try the experiment proposed by Virginia Satir?

You can write on a piece of paper*: “The world is a better place because I am here” put it next to your mirror and repeat it at least once every morning and then do your best to live the day so that becomes true.

The idea that “the world is a better place because we are here” can be express even in small random acts of kindness such as kind words, smiles or greetings addressed to others, little help we can offer every day to our fellow human and not human beings.

If we come from a place of a positive self-image, because of our human need of consistency, we will tend to perform actions corresponding to that image.

By adopting this positive standard of thinking (about who we are) we can cultivate goodness in our lives every day. It really doesn’t matter how big or small positive actions we do. The most important thing is that we can, by the simple means of putting a sticker or piece of paper with this noble sentence, influence and change our identity belief, our conviction about who we are and change our lives around it, stubbornly following that mental experiment.

Tom Jagiello

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