Be happy today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life!

Be happy today, tomorrow and for the rest of your life. The thing is how to do it?

First we need to understand that happiness does not exist per se. I am not pessimistic. It is just a linguistic mistake. The word “happiness” I mean.

The word itself is a noun – nouns are basically names of “things”. Happiness is a process – linguistically it is a “verb” frozen into a “thing”. Happiness is a process of being happy.

When our “brains” come across these “phantom” nouns called in NLP “nominalizations” they go “ahhhhhh” where is my happiness? But you cannot HAVE happiness – it is an idea, a concept.  However, you still can be happy.

So instead of searching for happiness maybe we should focus our attention on doing things that if we do, bring us experience of being happy.

Happiness is always by-product of something else we do in our lives. Someone once said that happiness is like heat produced while making goods on a lathe, or heat produced by running engine of a vehicle. We do not lathe things to produce heat – heat is just part of the process of manufacturing things. The same way – happiness is a by-product of doing right things in our life. If we run after happiness it would be like running engine to produce heat instead of making a journey. Wouldn’t be?

Make a list of things that even if you think of them they water your mouth. Things you are passionate about. Put some time aside and do at least one of them on regular basis and…… be happy!