A value of discovering values

Values are just things that are important to us.

Nothing more – nothing less.

They are connected to beliefs and motivations. We do not believe in things that are unimportant to us and we are not bothered to do things that are unimportant.

In other words;

  • if you do something even if it seems to be unimportant, in this way or another it is important to you.
  • If you don’t do things that seem to be important, in fact, they are not that important to you (as you maybe wish they were).

Majority of us are unaware of our set of values because these are kept by the unconscious part of our mind. Knowing why something is important helps us in doing it, helps in being consistent, helps in staying on trucks.

Do you want to discover your values?

It is easy – everything you need is to ask yourself a question: “what is important to me about… (work, health, family, or any other area of your life)?” Ask only about one area of life at the time, as you can have different sets of values for different areas of life.  Jot down your answers. Repeat question until you collect 10 – 15 or more values. Then quickly sort them, ask yourself: if I could have only one, which one would I like to have? Then ask again: if I could have just another one, which one would I like to add? Do it 8 times so you end up with the list of eight (the most important for you) values.

These are your “keys to motivation”.

Knowing “WHY” it is important what we do, – is a game changer.

Live your life following and satisfying these values and observe how the level of satisfaction goes up (by the way, “satisfaction” is a very important value for many). Ignore your values and observe how frustrated, bitter and unhappy you become.

Do an experiment, check for yourself.

After all discovering values can be a very valuable thing to do if you want to lead a life according to them.

We help people to discover their values during our seminar or one to one coaching.

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