What you are paying for

The fee for a session covers following work:

The agreed time of your session and:

♦ Preparation of your treatment:

  • Gathering information about the issue you want to solve
  • Building your timeline
  • Building your family tree
  • Discovering the root cause of your difficulties
  • Creating a plan for your treatment: order of healing, tasking, coaching, etc.
  • Mapping out your external resources – needed for your healing
  • Mapping out your internal resources – needed for your healing

♦ Preparing you for the treatment:

  • Passing to you grounding techniques etc.
  • Teaching you supportive to your treatment exercises
  • Psycho-education

♦ Other:

  • Taking your case to supervision (we pay for it).
  • Consultation with the team member(s) about your treatment.
  • Time spent emailing you and/or texting you.
  • Keeping track of your healing/progress (notes from sessions).

As you can imagine, a lot of the work happens outside the time of a session.