Mind Transformation Solutions


We offer counselling to help people transform their lives.

Our focus is on the area of:

  • Individual,
  • Couple
  • Family therapy.  For families where children or adolescents present with challenging behaviours, we offer an unique Non-violent Resistance (NVR) parenting programme.

Please see Scope of practice to get idea of help we may offer.

We use both traditional talking psychotherapy and complementary approach like EMDR, NLP, Time Line Therapy®, NLP coaching, hypnosis and AIT.

In addition, we organize seminars open to general public where we teach specific methods of transformation(the theory and its application).  Those tools can be used for self-help and self-improvement.

We are located in North London UK, although we usually work via Skype so no matter where you are we can work with you.  If you are unsure about use of Skype please read some of the testimonials to learn about experience of our former clients with that medium of communication.

We work in both English and Polish language.

We offer absolute confidentiality and discretion.  The only exception to that rule is if we learn that your’s or somebody else’s health or life is in danger. In that case we are oblige to inform suitable authorities.


In one to one sessions we facilitate a process in which you recognise and transform whatever hinders you.  We then help you on your way to create a life you want, using the cutting edge tools of transformation.

We can help to get rid of: phobias, traumas, anxiety, low self-esteem problems, a lack of motivation problems, food or other substances abuse, bad memories, negative emotions, limiting beliefs, professional burn out,  and many other problems that may stop you from creating life you want to have on your way to become whoever you want to be.

We can help you to create a positive self image, boost self-esteem and self confidence that are crucial factors in generating positive changes in behaviour.

We can help you to formulate goals that are worth reaching  for.  We then help you on the way of achieving them through designed tasks which help you to integrate the positive changes.

We are dedicated to help you on the way to your transformation.  We are dedicated to help you create the life you want in the shortest possible time. Our focus is to help you to achieve your goals and outcomes.


Please have a look around our website.

You will find here interesting information and articles, some techniques to use at home and many other things.

The most important you will get a chance to learn about us before you make decision about using our service.