How We Work

This is the outline of how we work to help our clients.

1. Gather information – formulate goal. First we gather information about a problem – “what is a problem”. After we discover the problem we can help a client to formulate a goal or outcome they want to achieve. When we discover what is the problem – then we work to discover how the problem is kept in a client’s life. When we get the structure of “the problem” we check for secondary gains.

2. Design intervention based on gathered information. Then we design the intervention – that targets all major components of “the problem”. Here we use all tools of transformation that standard psychotherapy, systemic therapy, NLP/ Hypnosis etc provides. Then we apply designed interventions .

3. Design task that integrate change with clients life. Then our last part of the intervention is a task for the client that is design to integrate all the changes within the client’s life.