Goal Structuring – Saturday 20 January 2024, 15:00 GMT

„When you commit to a journey,
the universe conspires to help you”
Paulo Coelho

We are beings of two brains.

photo by Markus Winkler-pexels

We have the left and the right brain (usually called the left and right hemispheres). Thanks to the development of language, our left brain is structured differently to our right brain. Yet, when we plan to do something, we usually take into account only the left-brain preferences.


We are creatures with two minds

the conscious and the unconscious mind. The conscious mind works linearly and sequentially and is easily overloaded. The unconscious mind is vast and can embrace many things at the same time. Yet, when we set our goals, we usually do this in a way that only our conscious mind can grasp.

We’ve got four styles of processing information

and yet… we typically use only one of them. So, what we absorb tends to be isolated and disconnected from us.

Do you know how to bring together conscious and unconscious mind, right and left brain, incorporate task positive network, involve four major neuropsychological circuits of the brain and keep values and beliefs aligned?

The webinar is divided into two parts: the relevant neuroscience and its practical application in goal structuring.

During this short (about 4 hours) online seminar, I am going to share information, tips and tricks on how to structure goals, organise them, and focus on them so they engage:

photo by pexels-cottonbro-studio
  • the whole of our brains
  • our conscious and unconscious minds
  • include all four styles of information processing

You will learn:

  • how different types of motivation work,
  • how to recognise your values,
  • how to work with beliefs.

You will understand:

  • what procrastination is,
  • what stress is and how it changes the functioning of the nervous system.

We will touch on topics of the mind-body connection, what positive thinking is and how to refocus our minds to stay positive.

Who will benefit?

The webinar is for any individual who wants to increase their chances of achieving personal goals: health goals such as dieting or keeping feat, career goals, academic goals, hobby goals etc. This programme is for teams, such as sports teams, professional teams or families who want to ensure a greater level of harmonious cooperation.

The content is very relevant in a psychotherapeutic setting to aid a personal recovery and can be used by a therapist or a client.

Because of participating in this seminar, you will be more prepared and better equipped than ever before to realise your dreams, achieve your goals on time and to become successful.