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This is a confirmation page for:

“Transform Your Mind – Transform Your Life” event 30.06 – 1.07 2018

Thank you for booking our program. Your booking is now confirmed. If you paid discounted fee for seniors (over 65) or students you will be asked for DOB proof (driving licence, passport etc.) or a valid student card.

A week before the event you will receive a joining instructions for the event. The event will be held in North London area. Depending on a number of participants it is possible that it will be held in a privet location of our home or in the case of larger audience it will take place in a  hired hall.

There are no special requirements prior the event. However if you wish to make the best value for your money we would encourage you to take a closer look at some aspects of your life. Please think about answers to the following questions:

  1. Is there any particular thing you would like to change about your life, changing of which would have significant impact for your life?
  2. Is there any specific area of your life (such as: relationship, family, career, health and fitness, personal development or spirituality) that needs improvements?
  3. Do you have any particular goal(s) you would like to achieve?
  4. Do you frequently experience negative emotions such as e.g. anger, sadness fear, hurt, guilt?
  5. Do you hold limiting believes about yourself such us: I am too….(old, young, stupid etc)? I am not enough… educated, talented, rich etc? I don’t believe I can… learn, dance, exercise, be my ideal weight etc.

If you have any questions before attending the event or anything you would like to clarify please send us an email:

By taking part in this seminar you are directly contributing to making this planet a better place for everyone.

We are glad to see you soon

Dorota & Tom