a healthy mind in a healthy body

Thinking about Tai Chi brings pictures of people doing slow movements with their bodies.

Physical activity is good, especially in current times when we do not exercise enough.

However, when we do exercise it affects the mind. The link between body and mind is a scientific fact. Whatever we do with the body it influences the mind and whatever we do with the mind, due to complex neurochemical processes, finds its expression on a bodily level. It has been known for millennia, that by influencing a body, we can influence a mind – both in a positive and negative way.

A phrase “a healthy mind in a healthy body” summarises it the best.

In antiquity, the education of young people always included both, mental and physical training.

There is as well the third aspect of our existence. Usually, we are not aware of it unless there is something horribly wrong with it. It is known both in the East and the West.

It is called: vitality, life force, qi, prana, etc.

We could compare vitality to electricity. If metaphorically, a body is like a light bulb, a mind like the light, the life force is the electricity. The more of it we have the better our body/mind can function.

In Tai Chi we move our bodies in a specific way, learning to synchronize breathing with movements. This promotes the circulation of the life force inside our bodies. When that happens, energy can flow unobstructed and the vitality increases. Harmonious flow of energy has positive health benefits for body and mind.

After a short period of practising Tai Chi the level of Qi, the life force, usually increases noticeably. If you want to experience it, you can join our free Tai Chi class.

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