“Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem” – Dr. Richard Bandler

When we think about committing suicide, in fact, we think about changing something in our life.

The suicide is supposed to bring that change. At that moment, it may seem to be the only option available. The problem is not in fighting against suicidal tendency (what people usually attempt to do) – the real issue is to find a better option.

So, if you think about killing yourself answer that: what is it that you would really like to change in your life – that if you did – you could still witness it happening?

If you are so radical that you are ready to eliminate your “present self” – why not to go one step further and to change yourself the way that your “problem” is not a problem any more?

If you are ready to remove yourself entirely from the equation in order to “solve” your problem – you have nothing to lose, if you choose to lose yourself for a change.

Usually, we have problems “outside” only because of how we are “inside” and if we change that – problems tend to disappear by themselves.



This text is Copyrighted. © Tom Jagiello, Mind Transformation Solutions 2016

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